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I finished my last treatment last Thursday.  I headed home this past Sunday. I've been away six weeks and it is so wonderful to be in my bed and my home!  I do have some questions maybe someone can help me with.  I have pain periodically when I have a bm. It will start out normal or maybe I should say not loose but then as it continues it becomes loose and that's when I have pain. Then that passes. What I do feel when I'm not on the toilet is pressure or as if I have a constant wedgie that I can't remove.  Also, it feels like a liquid is being released from my bowels at times. Is this normal? Is this part of the healing?

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Part of the healing. Even now, 18 months out, I will occasionally get a big blob of whale snot (mucous). You will get better.
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Kathee, you could hardly wait to use that one again:D I love it!
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Kathee, I love your description, I just busted out laughing. Thank you, I needed the laugh.
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Couldn't have found a better description! That you Kathee!
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Not my description... stole from someone here, but I do think it is appropriate and sufficiently descriptive 😏
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Lol!!That was a very accurate description.
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I know it feels good to be home. So glad to hear treatment is behind you. The pain and pressure you describe is most likely from radiation, although you are finished with treatment, the radiation is still working and causing damage. My surgeon recommended lots and lots of baths, they seemed to help relax things, so the pressure was not as bad. In my case, I always felt as if liquid was being released, as I had 15-20+ explosive bouts of diarrhea daily, no warning and uncontrollable. Luckily for me, since I began this chemo regimen my bowels are no longer loose (fingers crossed) being that they are more formed and not as soft, I have pain and some blood. I take miralax the week of treatment just to keep things soft. You are just out of treatment, now the healing begins. I would suggest to try the baths or a sitz bath, drinks lots of water and eat protein to build back your strength. I'm almost 20 months out from radiation and to this day, I don't trust me over my bowels, they have a mind of their own and I wear Depends just to avoid any embarrassing moments. I hope this helps you. Healing is a slow process, AC teaches us patience and always be prepared, we all have our little bag stocked with extra clothes, wipes and feminine products. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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I am going to start the sitz baths today. Thank you!
I would say the fact that you are not talking about passing razor blades one way or another, you are doing quite well.
All normal.
Has the wedgie sensation been there through the treatment or is that new?
I do get that feeling when there is still poo to come out, that is just caught up there.
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I've only experienced the razor blades passing once. This wedgie is new for me.
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I'm pretty sure Hara bowels will never be the same again as they were before treatment. We just learned to live with the new normal. Give yourself a chance to have the radiation stopped working in your body. I believe it is two or three weeks that it continues after you finish treatment. Then you will know what your normal is starting to be. As an said, carry a bag with extra underwear, extra pants, wipes, whatever you might need if you have an accident. I am two and a half years out of treatment and occasionally still have accidents. Take a good probiotic.
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Whoa, congratulations!!! Yes you have healing (physical and emotional) to do, but YOU'RE HOME!!! I think you'll learn to roll with the punches, as there is a new normal, as others have rightly said. But you will feel better, and you got the best of care at MDA, so you can be confident in that. Try to rest, and realize that recuperation from our disease is gradual. Just be happy for the little things. Healing will happen!
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I know you are glad to be home. It will take awhile before you get a sense of your bowel situation. I take gabapentin daily which helps with spasms. I still at 2 1/2 years out do not trust things and have had accidents when I thought it was just gas. I wear Depends when I travel or in situations where a bathroom is hard to find. I had had liquid moments that turn into liquid moments. I do feel you will continue to heal and things will get to be more of a routine for you. Do talk to your doctor about any pain as suffering is unnecessary.
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This sounds fairly familiar with us all. I think you're doing well, you don't mention radiation burns so you must have escaped that pleasure! I'm 6 months post treatment and bm's occupy my day. You will find a pattern eventually and learn to adapt to the new situation. Keep the poop soft! Constpation is not recommended
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I'm very happy to know that you have finished treatment and are now home. What you are feeling is well within the norm post-treatment. Healing will take some time, so be patient. My pain with BM's was nearly off the charts during the end of treatment and for some time afterwards, so I would say you are doing pretty well. Hang in there!
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Have to ditto.
I have to agree. You are doing big great! I will NEVER forget the razor blades, shards of glass, barbed-wire, (name anything sharp and pointy moving through a burned and mutulated body part) pain. Off the charts. Pain medication a necessity.
I am happy you are not having this every movement.
Happy healing!
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There's no place like home.... You will probably experience a lot of different bowel issues in the coming months before coming to grips with your new normal. Radiation tends to change things in that department for most of us forever. Congratulations on finishing treatment!
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You are the new normal. Things will get better but you will never be too surprised with a skirt every now and again. You will be feeling better soon😀
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Sound like you likely have fissures. Be careful not to bear down or push when you're going. Maybe get a stool or Squatty Potty so that it's easier to go. My doc recommended using Curel lotion on tp for wiping versus wet wipes or plain toilet paper. It's more moisturizing and it's flushable. The pressure is probably from the fact that you may have a little bit of bowel or the whale snot left in the lower rectum after you go. The radiation unfortunately also damages the internal lining of the lower rectum and a lot of us experienced this with bleeding during BMs. So don't be surprised if this happens. It's called radiation proctitis. For the next couple months, be aware of what you're eating. Avoid eating food that will cause the "runs" like fresh vegetables. Make sure to cook veggies and eat fruit from the soluble fiber group. This will hopefully keep things soft. All in all, it sounds like you are in pretty good shape if you are not experiencing the razor poops, so keep up the healing, and start epsom salt baths when you can.
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15 down, 14 to go

Call me an anal cancer stalker......I've been reading but haven't posted.  Thank you to all those who have shared their story. It's helped me out as I walk through this journey. What I thought was a hemorrhoid turned out to be anal cancer. After getting through the shock,  I decided I must go somewhere that has seen this more than 3 times a year. So I'm in Houston temporarily although I live in Memphis. I have a daughter who is a freshman in college and I haven't told her yet. I want her first year to go well without thinking about me. It's been me and her since the third grade when her father died and I had to practically kick her out of the door to go away to college. Now she's doing well and glad that I  encouraged her to leave from home and go to college on the east coast! I'll tell her when school is out and accept her anger.  

All in all my first 3 weeks have been good but know that I'm reaching that accumulation stage. I've had a little diarrhea this weekend and that's it. God has been good!  I'm sure by the 5th and 6th week it will be a different story.  I know that after the end of treatments I'll be waiting for the six week followup with some anxiety. I'm trying to have no fear for the future and constantly say positive affirmations everyday.  Please continue to share, give advice and walk us newbies through this journey.

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Linda, Sara sent you a prayer.
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Glad to hear you are doing well. Stay strong, you will make it through and soon you will be on the "other" side.

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Let us know when you have questions, or just need to vent (and get support from real peers).
You can do this!
You're in the best of hands, and are half way there. Sounds like you're doing really well. Keep up the positive energy and you'll find yourself done in no time. And remember we're here for ya! Best...Lucky
Praying all continues to go well for you!
You are in identical schedule as my wife she finished her 15 treatment yesterday. It almost didn't happen as the machine went down for a few hours.
You are halfway done!!! I'm happy to hear you are at MD Anderson, you are in the best place. I wish I had the opportunity to have my treatment there, instead I brought home written treatment recommendations. God is good all the time, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Keep strong and you will make it to the recovery side soon. We all know how this feels....
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You are doing great! Just take it one day at a time and stay active and positive. Even the last few days will be something you can handle! Prayers for you!
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I'm glad you have posted. I can promise you'll get good support here as you continue on in treatment. You are aware that things may go downhill as you get further into it--we are here to help. Tell us wht you're experiencing and we'll give you the best advice we can. You will get through this, just as we all have. I hope you do have some friends or other family members who can give you hand if needed. Hang in there--soon you'll be crossing that finish line!
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It's a tough treatment but it does go by quickly. Hang in there! There is light at the end of the tunnel!
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